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The Inner Landscape of Beauty

“Beauty unfolds in the becoming of a person, and it increases in us as we pass through life’s most harrowing thresholds. It is found in the realm of the invisible, where we share with and inspire others, it is found in time, in mindfulness and the unseen places of the heart.” -John O’Donohue

This podcast episode from On Being Studios, released in the fall of 2007, features a gorgeous conversation with the late Irish poet John O’Donohue.  In this talk, he introduces us to our ‘Inner Landscape’, a wild, raw and beautiful place that lies inside each of us as a result of living life.  

Outer landscape is often something we see ourselves standing upon, fixed from a point where our perspective originates. We can feel the blades of cool damp grass beneath our feet, the crispness in the fall air, or watch the sun’s reflection dance upon the surface of a body of water… In this podcast episode, I was transported to the sublime and very sacred corners of my Inner Landscape, my life’s sorrows, strengths, losses, and love.  I found it rich in the color, depth and stretch of the threads that connected all these experiences in my life.  The concept of an Inner Landscape gave me another layer to explore and settle into, and a deeper space to come from when connecting with and sharing life with others.   

Inner Landscape is unique to each of us. In who we allow into it, what we’ve given, and what we’ve lost. O’Donohue gently reminds us that there is a sort of grace in taking the time to share it.  I urge you to treat yourself with a listen. As one of the world’s most beloved poets, you’ll find his Inner Landscape a breathtakingly beautiful place, and you may just discover your own.  

Find this podcast at On Being.

Meet me in the middle when your soul is worn but wise.”  Angie Weiland-Crosby  


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