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Best Podcast Apps and Search Engines for 2019

Here is my short list of the best podcast apps and search engines for 2019!

According to the hourly tracker on my podcast app, I’ve listened to a whopping 3,771 hours of podcasts since 2012. This I would consider a credential, as 3,771 hours translates into roughly 158 days (nearly 6 months, nonstop) or 17% of the last 7 years of my life was spent listening to and learning from podcasts.

In the days before there were podcast search engines, people had to manually search for content, and many of the apps available today were in development. It was then that I found myself being referred to as the podcast guru, as friends and even strangers when on the topic of podcasts, would ask me what I thought they should tune into. Over the years I have connected hundreds of people to podcasts they love.

Now that my podcast ‘cred’ as a curator of sorts has been somewhat established, here is my shortlist of the best apps out there today…

Coming in hot at number 1 for me is (for iOS). It has a clean layout that is easy to navigate, voice boost which ensures the volume is consistent regardless your audio source, and it is the first app that allows you to share clips of your favorite episodes.  It’s free and with a subscription option at $9.99/yr., you can lose the commercials. Overcast has a loyal grass-roots user base, as its developer and founder Marco Arment has been vocal about keeping podcasting a free, open source community.

Runners up:

  • Apple Podcasts – (iOS) The OG of podcasting.
  • Stitcher- (iOS) (Android) Allows you to stream different podcasts continuously.
  • Breaker- (iOS) Comes with a social media twist geared toward millennials.
  • Pocket Casts- (Android) Solid, from what I hear (I wanted an Android pick listed as I am an (iOS) user).

You can also check out the ‘Best Podcast Apps of 2019’ on  Toms Guide

According to listen notes, there are roughly 650,000 podcasts and over 44 million episodes out there today… How to choose?

My top picks for podcast search engines:

  • Listen notesThe most comprehensive podcast database online. Search podcast show notes and audio transcripts by people, places, or topics.
  •  Earbudfm is your friendly guide to great podcasts, 200 podcasts hand chosen by the folks at NPR.
  • Dope Podcasts is a great place to look for what you didn’t even know you wanted to listen to!
  • You can also follow my blog at where I post a collection of my favorites. This collection is a work in progress, visit me subscribe and stay tuned for more content!

Drop a message if you think I’ve left something worthy off this list!

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