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The Andes

The Andes are 50 million years old, and sit atop the South American continent and pacific tectonic plates that birthed them. They are a collection of mountain chains that are the longest on earth and stand up to 20,000 feet- second in elevation only to the Himalayas.

These mountains began as craters, carved out by interstellar matter crashing into an early earth. The craters were eventually covered by the ocean, (brought from the ice from passing comets). It was only time and evolution that brought what was under the water to 20,000 feet above it today. Just as the massive condor, 6-feet in wingspan that can reach the highest mountain peak, evolved from ancestral fish that swam over that same peak while submerged under the ocean.

Everything is connected.

This planet is our heart, and it is true what Herbert said when he said, “our heart is pacha mama’s heart”,  for without her we are just stardust without a home.

Of course, there are many planets in the cosmos to incarnate in, but this lovely blue planet is now.  Stars will continue to explode.  Evolution and expansion will continue to happen for eternity. What matters is now.

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