Life Peace by Piece

Peru- Después

Herbert played for more than 30 minutes. Different instruments laid out in front of him, each instrument chosen in real-time inspired by the souls present. He does not play the same song, it is always different. He shares Akashic information via sound transmission. It just comes out of him and if you find him you were meant to receive the transmission.

The psyche is the channel. That human space in our brain that Plato and Aristotle believed was composed of the same material as the stars…

I believe I reached the astral plane as a result of a spiritually awakened state. I had no intent or control over the experience, I took no drugs.  It was simply the culmination of 30 years of spiritual and intellectual development and the timing of this transmission. I had spent decades on the path. This soul flight was orchestrated by my higher self and showed me clearly what I needed to see, when I needed to see it.

I had come into this life to experience fear and abandonment and literally find wings in freedom and independence. The esoteric gift of being in flight emancipated me. There is nothing to fear when we are nothing,  and there is no separation when we are everything. 

What I was shown, has been known for ages, we go back to abstract connectedness.  We are spirit and illusion that is ever expanding. Stars continue to explode into stardust to form other matter all over the universe, and we travel the same path.

On this one day in Peru, Herbert, fulfilled a profound soul-contract.  A rendezvous of sound and soul evolution that healed one spirit- which in turn heals us all.

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*Akashic information is a collection of all human thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. It is believed to be encoded on a non-physical plane of existence known as the mental plane.

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