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The Seat of the Soul

“What if every moment in your life has been holy and sacred, but you haven’t known it until now?”- Gary Zukav

Spiritual pioneer and author, Gary Zukav wrote the book, “The Seat of the Soul” and it has changed how we look at ourselves. In this short podcast conversation with Oprah, they discuss the battle that takes place within each of us as the personality, (conscious self) is here to serve the soul’s higher, (immortal self) purpose.

“At an ego level we may feel our choices to act are countless, but fundamentally there are only two. Love and Fear. When we choose fear, we find ourselves in pain so choosing love becomes the practice.” It is in the discomfort as we look deeply inward, that we find the opportunity to practice emotional awareness and “responsible” choices.

“The pain in your life is a measure of the distance between your self-image and your behavior and everything that happens in life gives you an opportunity to close that distance until it is zero.” -Gary Zukov

The compelling reminder that we each have the power to close the distance between our self-image and our behavior is what moved me most while listening to this podcast. Will we choose to check the ego? Can we accept what we receive in life? Can we let go of things gracefully when their time is up? Will we attain the spiritual wealth of the immortal self?

Ultimately, it is in the daily decision to practice emotional awareness and responsible choice that we find the holy and sacred place within. There we can rest in gratitude for the gifts we receive in the time that we receive them, and be free’d of the unnecessary heaviness of placing ourselves in a living hell when they are lost.

Find the 20 minute podcast here:  Oprah and Gary Zukav Live

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