Life Peace by Piece

The Gentle Giant and the Lightning Bug

His large strong, weathered fingers swiped at the flickering of the light, he wanted to hold it in the palm of his hand. He wanted to put this dancing light into the most exquisite mason jar and carry it around with him in his pocket…

Free to take it out and look when he wanted, where he wanted…His intentions were not dark he wanted to protect it and remind it every day of how very lovely it was.

She was a beautiful lightning bug and he a gentle big-hearted giant.

He even wrote lovely songs for her and sang them, he searched for her favorite foods and brought them to her…She told him some secrets and he told her some too.

He was like water and she, air. She preferred grounding bodies of water. The beauty and depth of them intrigued her…She often flew over them curious of what lay beneath as she saw her reflection dancing on the waves…

She longed to hover over his strong shoulders, free to join him on his journey yet still fly about on her own…

She would choose to fly with him often – if only he came to understand that.

Then one fateful day he put her in a jar.  Weeks passed and he noticed her light was dimming, in despair he opened the jar, telling her never to come back.

She flew away from there.


©  2015 ces

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